Unique signed top from Arthur Numan, worn at the Fernando Ricksen Tribute match.
It’s up for auction until the 2nd of May. You can place your bid, in GBP £, underneath this post and please make sure you use a valid email address so I can contact you.
Please write on which top you bid as this auction is 2 tops.

All proceeds go to Fernando Ricksen and his little daughter Isabella.



Also we have this signed Paul
Bosvelt shirt from the same match.
This item is up until the 25th of April.

So if you want to place your bid write Numan or Bosvelt with your bid.
Numan auction closes at 2-5 17:00 Orange Time
Bosvelt auction closes at 25-4 17:00 Orange Time



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RICKSEN AUCTION: Signed Gattuso painting

David from Lewy L Paintings contacted us to auction this painting, from which the proceeds will go to Fernando Ricksen and his daughter Isabella.
It’s a 36″ x 24″ painting and Rino Gattuso signed it himself as you can see in the photo’s.

You can place your bid (in GBP £) underneath this post. The auction will be up until the end of April.




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Unique signed top from Ronald de Boer, worn at the Fernando Ricksen Tribute match.
It’s up for auction until the 12th of April. You can place your bid underneath this post, make sure you use a valid email address so I can contact you.
Please write on which top you bid as this auction is 2 tops.

All proceeds go to Fernando Ricksen and his little daughter Isabella.



Also we have this Landzaat top from the same match, up for auction until
4th April. If you want to bid on it:
Write Landzaat + bid underneath this.
Bidding on Landzaat till 4-4, 17:00 orange time.
Bidding on De Boer till 12-4, 17:00 orange time.


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My own brick at Ibrox’ Fernando Ricksen wall!!

Mail from Scotland in my postbox:

An Official Certificate from Rangers F.C Development Fund:
I get my own commemorative brick at Fernando Ricksen’s wall:


and added was this little note:

That’s got a tear in my eyes, I’m so very touched by this gesture of my fellow Rangers supporters!!
Thank you Alison and everyone who made this possible, I can’t believe that I’m gonna be part of my favorite stadium, my brick in Glasgow, at Ibrox!

Auction news:
Fernando told me he has the tops from his testimonial match at Ibrox, and as soon as he sends me the photo’s, we will put them up for auction in here.
He’s busy at the moment, so we need to have patience. As soon as I get the pics I will put them up on this site.

Other news:
FR2 appeal
They sell FR2-wristbands and pens, to raise funds for Fernando Ricksen.

And some more exciting news!!!!
Fernando’s own clothing line:
Soon launched on FernandoRicksen.com

sneak preview:


Thanks everyone for all you do for Fernando. Together we fight with him

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We are very proud and happy with our next item for the online Fernando Ricksen auction: a Barcelona top signed by the legendary Lionel Messi himself.

The top has been generously donated by life-long Rangers fan Jackie Morrison who wished to do her bit, like we all wish to do, for Fernando. This is how we do it at Rangers: for one, for everyone and that’s why we’re number one.





The auction will be up till the end of February. Make sure you use a genuine email address when you place your bid.

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Calling out to all Rangers fans to purchase a ticket for Fernando Ricksen’s tribute match. Let’s show Fernando our support and give him a sold out Ibrox one more time.

You can purchase your ticket here or phone Rangers Ticket Centre on 0871 702 1972 (option 1) The ticket-prices are adults £12, concessions £8 and juniors £5. Even if you’re not able to go to the match, you should buy a ticket to support him.



There’s also a Fife based business selling a few items to support Fernando Ricksen, we can confirm it’s a registered company and they will hand the proceeds directly to Fernando Ricksen himself: Sports ‘n Stripes

The line-up on 25th January will be:


  • Alex McLeish (Manager)
  • Gordon Durie
  • Michael Mols
  • Arthur Numan
  • Jorg Albertz
  • Bob Malcolm
  • Alex Rae
  • Thomas Buffel
  • Ronald de Boer
  • Bert Konterman
  • Marvin Andrews
  • Michael Ball
  • Peter Lovenkrands
  • Marco Negri
  • Nacho Novo
  • Stefan Klos
  • Barry Ferguson
  • Tugay Kerimoglu
  • Russell Latapy
  • Rino Gattuso
  • Andy Goram


  • Graham Roberts (Manager)
  • Ronald Waterreus
  • Dave Beasant
  • Teddy Sheringham
  • Darren Anderton
  • Matt Le Tissier
  • Des Walker
  • Mark Falco
  • James Beattie
  • Kevin Hofland
  • Kiki Musampa
  • Denny Landzaat
  • Paul Bosvelt
  • Kenneth Perez
  • Pedro Ricksen
  • Gino Facenna
  • Rick Geenen
  • Evgeniy Levchenko

(source: http://www.rangers.co.uk)


This is a charity match to honor one of our heroes who’s fighting against ALS. So come on, get a ticket and show him your support.

This is not about the board. This is not about a boycot. This is about Fernando Ricksen.


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An open letter to the Rangers players

Dear players,

“I hope you’re all comfy after playing such a tough game against Hibernian.
My God you must be tired. What a fight!”

Said no one ever after watching this 4-0 defeat.

Let me tell you something.
There are still fans who care about their team. Fans who love Rangers with a passion. Fans from all over the world.
Fans who work hard to pay for their travel and their ticket to come support you, and don’t forget the thousands of fans from oversea who pay a lot to Rangers TV to watch you playing every week.

These fans HAVE PASSION FOR THEIR CLUB!!! More passion then you all show on the pitch.

You should be proud to wear the blue jersey and show us some fighting spirit.
Instead of that you’re static, clueless and slow. What happened to you?

Do you realize what you’re doing?
You fucking get paid for this!

In January I take a plane and come over to see you play. At an away-game.
Cowdenbeath. Last November I took a flight as well to see you win against Falkirk. Do you understand that?
Me and loads of others pay hundreds to see their favorite team.

We have the passion.

Now it’s up to you.

With love,

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